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The leader in Physical Therapy Websites, Email & Facebook Marketing

PatientSites is the “Gold Standard” online marketing product for PT clinics around the world.
For a monthly fee, PatientSites includes:

Hundreds of Clinic branded and editable education articles    
Automatic updating of the clinic Facebook page
Personalized and editable customer newsletters                       
iPad app for in-clinic education
Industry leading survey application                                            
Best in class 3-D Videos
And much more . .                                                                                  Visit

Hotel Key Design provides businesses with exclusive access to guests at local hotel through Key Card advertising and other programs.

Metamor has employed a powerful web based mobile tracking system that has "transformed" traditional marketing for our clients.

Operating throughout North America, Hotel Key Card design works with clients such as:



Our current “beta” product that is in testing:


Customer Pics
Share and Be Shared: Build your brand through customer relationships. Easily upload videos and pictures of your projects
to a gallery that will delight your customer and make it easy for
                                                             them to share with their friends.

360 Wedding Album
Invite guests to upload the videos and pictures from your wedding day to your own secure online gallery. Guests can view, tag and organize your gallery with you and you can download the original copies for printing and use in your DVDs.   Visit
We developed GiftExperience as one of the first online e-commerce sites for buying "Experiences" such as skydiving, golfing or a romantic dinner with real time online certificate fulfillment.  We have been thrilled to be part of this great success story. Metamor continues to develop and manage the technology behind was purchased by

Metamor developed PikSpot in the early days of social media as a platform for groups to self organize and share/rate media and content of common interest. PikSpot was embraced by many industry leaders such as Don Tapscott, Leo Laporte, Chris Pirillo and Jon Miller. PikSpot had 10's of thousands of pre-registered users. As goes the transiency of social media sites and audiences we closed PikSpot in 2007 after a good but too short of a run.
PikSpot has taught the Metamor team a lifetime of "in the trench" lessons of working with social media on the front line that can help grow your business online.

Eclipse Media Player
In 2001 - many years before YouTube, Metamor built the Eclipse Media player - this was one of the first commercial video management technologies for the web. Years before Flash was main stream and computers had various plug ins for viewing video, Eclipse served up a dynamic video playlist for consumers based on their unique internet speed, plug ins and interests. The Eclipse advertising system loaded relevant advertising within the media environment for each consumer.

With Eclipse, Metamor: Launched the first commercial online video initiative for leading brands such as Sympatico/MSN, Much Music, and AccuWeather. Was part of developing the tool kit for training media reps in selling online video Deployed the first online video ads for brands such GM.  

Clients included:

Before the standardization of XML and RSS feed that make it simple for publishers to distribute content across the web, Metamor built iRover in 1998. iRover was a "hub" that "fetched" content from major content publishers and made a web service available for hundreds of internet service providers, radio stations and other media portals to subscribe to iRover to pull in news updates every 15 minutes to their websites .

For 7 years, iRover worked with hundreds of companies such as Bells Sympatico, Sprint, and Chum Media group. Metamor retired the iRover product line as new technologies evolved for standardized content distribution

Clients included:


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