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Since 1997, the Metamor team has been helping leading brands transform their business online.

We have a unique combination of having "been there" client side perspective from building and marketing our own products while also having worked with leading brands like Minto, TD Financial Group, Life Experience, HSBC, Microsoft and many others to transform their businesses online.

Meet our Core Team

Scott is the president and founder of Metamor. Having developed web programs for brands like Minto, Life Experiences, HSBC, Microsoft, TD and Sprint, Scott spends his time leading web strategies for our clients and spearheading Metamor's products.

Scott has led the development of Metamor's products such as:
  • The global leader in Websites, Newsletters & Facebook Marketing for Physical Therapy clinics
  • (which was sold to in 2005).
  • iRover. One of the first and largest content syndications platforms (launched in 1998)

Scott has been featured as an industry expert on ROBTV, and has spoken at several industry conferences including APTA's PPS conferences and ISPCON and has written numerous articles and white papers related to transforming online performance.

Mihai leads application development for Metamor. Mihai has worked for many international clients as a developer with a number of interactive agencies.
Steve is our VP of Sales. He manages the sales and marketing of our products such as and works with companies to improve their online marketing. Steve has an MBA and Bachelors in Social Work from Western Michigan University.

Anne loves working with clients. At Metamor, she leads training and support for our clients and also taps her well honed design skills to help clients improve their web presence. Anne's background includes working as a senior designer at BGM Imaging's INteractive Department and also as Multimedia Manager at Kuhn Technology. Apart from design, her interests include digital photography, reading, sculling, sailing, cooking, walking her dog and looking after her two growing boys.
Jamie is the Creative Director of Metamor. For the past 12 years, Jamie has been doing brand, advertising and web design for companies such as Microsoft, McDonalds, Look, Sprint, Sony, BMG, Smirnoff and more.

Geoff is the Director of Technology for Metamor. He is responsible for building and maintaining our infrastructure and architecting the technology design for our products. Geoff comes from a background in network security and infrastructure and is also a contributor to selected open source projects.
Tory has kept the Metamor group organized for over 12 years.

Metamor also has a large network of specialists that work with our core team in executing various areas in the marketing and product development cycles.


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